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Erasmus+ Programme

International mobility is strongly encouraged, in line with the programme's profile.
You can spend a study period abroad under the Erasmus+ programme, attending courses, taking exams, working on your thesis or doing research. The training activities carried out abroad will be recognised in your academic career. 
The degree programme has entered into Erasmus+ agreements with universities based in 8 European countries, for the areas of sociology, politics, economics, history and law. Some of these agreements are shared by other degree programmes of the Faculty. The total agreements cover over 20 Erasmus+ scholarships in Spain, 18 in Germany, 14 in France, 4 in Portugal, 2 each in Belgium and Norway, and 1 in the United Kingdom and Denmark.

As detailed in the annual call for applications, the exchange programme provides for a minimum number of 18 ECTS credits. You will have to define your Learning Agreement with the degree programme's Erasmus manager, Prof.Cristiano Vezzoni, before departure. Upon returning, you will then have to complete the recognition procedure with the Erasmus desk of the Department of Social and Political Sciences.

Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme

The programme provides for traineeships abroad in companies or other organizations, with paid internships for up to 12 months.


International promotion and mobility  Office

Tel. 02 503 13501 / 13502 / 13495 / 12589

Erasmus/outside Europe
Tel. 02 503 13500 / 13494 

Erasmus+ at Political, Economic and Social Sciences

Information on contacts, informative meetings, selection interviews and rankings for each Faculty or School.

Go abroad with Erasmus+

See  competition announcement, deadlines and all the information for Erasmus+ application on the University website: Erasmus contribution, prior to departure, during the stay, returning to Italy