About SPO

Political Science (SPO) is a Bachelor's degree programme with a multidisciplinary focus:

  • In the first two years, you will learn basic skills and methodologies in law, economics, political science, sociology and contemporary history. S
  • tarting from the last quarter of the second year, you can choose between five curricular pathways, each with a different subject and theme focus.

Because today's societies face complex challenges requiring a multidimensional approach.

This unique programme provides multiple perspectives, with the aim of developing critical skills and original thinking, rather than just instilling knowledge. For this purpose, you need the ability to reflect and humanistic culture, combined with the empirical and pragmatic focus ensured by social sciences. You need philosophy and statistics, the history of ideas and methodology. It is a demanding task.

  • Because there are no other public or private universities with four departments making their expertise and teachers available to structure a programme that combines a plurality of disciplines in the first part with a strong focus in the second.
  • Because the Department of Social and Political Sciences, which coordinates this programme, ranked first in a survey of large departments of social and political sciences in Italy by the National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes (ANVUR).
  • Because we are the first and only Bachelor's degree programme of the University of Milan (and among the very few in Italy) offering the opportunity to study both in Italian and English, in classes with an international profile.
  • Because we have over 30 Erasmus+ exchange programmes as well as 3 agreements with American and Japanese universities, and we are finalising a double-degree option with UCLouvain (Belgium).

Many of our graduates realize that nowadays a Bachelor's degree is only a first step and choose to continue their studies. This multidisciplinary programme provides you with the skills and formal requirements for accessing multiple Master's degree programmes and completing your professional training.
Research shows that, even if you decide not to further your studies after the Bachelor's degree programme, you will find a job soon enough.

There are multiple employment opportunities, both in the public and private sector. The former often requires a degree in political science to apply for competitive exams. You may work in HR management, central and local public administrations, NGOs, journalism and publishing, as well as international organizations and multinational companies.