Elective activities

You have 12 elective credits, which you can earn by combining University courses that are consistent with your study pathway, including language courses and tests.

Please pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. In principle, if the course is provided by a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme within the Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences (SPES), you do not need authorization, but please see points 4 and 5. However, especially for Master's degree programmes, please check with the course teacher whether there are any specific skills to be acquired before taking the course or sitting the exam.
  2. If the course is provided outside the Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences, it is good practice to check for any issues with spo@unimi.it. Except as indicated below, there are no issues for courses in the field of human and social sciences, but it is always better to double-check before taking an exam that may not be recognized.
  3. For language courses or tests, make sure that the level is higher than your current level.  For instance, the level required for English is C1 as the 'Language in politics' course is B2 (a higher level is required if you already have Anglo-American language assessments in your study plan). The level required for French is B2 if you have already taken the French test, or B1 if you have taken a test of another language. And so on.
  4. Please also check that there is no overlap in the course contents, both within and outside the Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences. For instance, you cannot choose the course in 'Comparative Social Systems' taught within the programme in International Studies and European Institutions (SIE), as it covers the same basic contents as your Sociology course. The same goes for other courses such as 'Political and administrative systems' in Public Management (MAP) and Labour and Management (LAM), or 'Politics, institutions and development' in Social Sciences for Globalisation (GLO), which are equivalent to your Political science course. Likewise, 'Fundamentals of public and private law' in LAM would overlap with 'Public law' and 'Private law' in your degree programme. 'History of the contemporary world' in GLO is equivalent to your 'Contemporary history' course.
  5. This also applies to the courses provided in Italian and English in the first two years of the SPO programme. As a rule, there should be no duplication of contents, including between different books and syllabuses. If in doubt, please check with spo@unimi.it.

For information and recognition of training activities, write to spo@unimi.it